Young artist form “Whimsical Memories” at Cailuan Gallery

John MacGillis
Young artist form “Whimsical Memories” at Cailuan Gallery
Young artists follow along with their instructor, Mandy Prevost, and add their own twist to their versions (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – To find where the Whimsical Memories workshop is happening within Cailuan Gallery, you need to only follow the sound of laughter as this round’s second session was underway on Oct. 19.

Eager young artists fill the workshops led by Mandy Prevost, an educational-assistant-turned-artist that uses her skills in both art and working with children to help foster their interest in art. “I love working with children and seeing how they become more and more comfortable with themselves and their workout as we work together,” said Prevost.

A great difference can be seen in the participant’s personality, according to Prevost, who said after watching normally shy children come in, they leave with a lot more confidence in their art and their desire to learn and create more.

“In session one, I’ll see some kids that aren‘t particularly open or vocally excited about what we’re doing. But by session 10, everyone is much more out of their shell and all those barriers have been broken down,” said Provost.

Another focus of the workshops is to teach participants that they can make art with a variety of different mediums, according to Provost. “One of our big aims here is to highlight that art doesn’t require a clear canvas like the ones we use here,” said Prevost. “We want children to try at home and do papier-mâché, or to paint over an old canvas, or to really use what ever they can to express themselves.”

In the future, Prevost said she hopes that there will eventually be an art show in Cornwall featuring the work of these young artist. “I would personally love to work more towards something like that since there is so much talent that we don’t always get to uncover in our young people,” said Prevost.

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