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WEEK OF JUNE 18 TO 24, 2023

The luckiest signs this week: Leo, Virgo and Libra

One of your children may be worried about losing their friends this summer. You may need to devote more of your attention to them and take time off work. An elderly relative may also need your help.

If you’re planning a holiday or long drive, make sure you also give yourself plenty of time at home to rest. A good friend will keep you on the phone for hours.

You may have to claim a refund or price adjustment after a transaction. You’ll register for a short training course this summer, which will benefit your career.

Your family and friends need you. You’ll have no choice but to devote yourself to them. Fortunately, they’ll show you their appreciation and gratitude.

You’ll dedicate the next few weeks to a new professional or personal project. You’ll surround yourself with inspiring people that will help you make your dream come true.

Your energy levels will fluctuate wildly this week. You’ll receive good news about the health of someone close to you. You’ll throw together a last-minute party to celebrate.

You’ll feel short on time this week. You must improve your organizational skills to complete everything you have planned. You’ll attend a last-minute party that will be a lot of fun.

If you’re looking for a job, someone close to you will steer you toward
a surprising career. You’ll be invol­ved in a fascinating project, possibly involving travel or starting a business.

You’ll make time to go on a holiday this summer if only to relax. You have the tools you need to start your own business. You’ll also have the support of several professionals.

It’s time to restore peace and bury the hatchet if you’ve been in conflict. You’ll find ways to settle a debt or renovate a property.

You’ll be involved in an important negotiation or transaction that’s been dragging on and on. Rather than fea­ring change, embrace it; it can only benefit you.

You’ll be the focal point this week, much to your surprise. You’ll be congratulated for your selfless actions, even if it’s just for listening to someone.

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