Your Weekly Horoscope

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Your Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF JULY 24 TO 30, 2022

The luckiest signs this week: Leo, Virgo and Libra

A family story may demand all your attention, but your focus may just be on decorating the home. On vacation, you’ll find happiness through the comforts of home and the company of family members.

You’re a real chatterbox. Even if you’re alone, the phone and social media will keep you in the loop on specific topics. There’ll be many trips, and you’ll demonstrate great curiosity.

Your financial situation will make you anxious, but it’ll motivate you to improve your lot. You should succeed in collecting the funds you need to realize one of your biggest dreams, or at least to settle some debts.

You’ll have the inspiration to take a new direction in life and the determination to achieve significant transformations. You’ll also aspire to start anew or finish a project.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by a large crowd and need to rest later. If you’re on vacation, you’ll prefer relaxing or passive activities like visiting the museum or taking a walk in nature.

You’ll bring all your people together. You’ll organize an event that surpri­ses more than one person. You’ll expand your circle of friends, and your social networks may put the focus on you in some way.

You’ll take a spontaneous leap into the unknown. You may also give more serious thought to going back to school or starting a whole new career that more closely aligns with your values.

You’ll make several changes to improve your inner well-being. You may consider adopting a more spiritual way of life. A pilgrimage will enable you to go deep with your soul.

Your credit card will take a beating while you’re on vacation. You’ll worry about your financial situation but will continue to indulge for a while before coming to your senses.

Wait until vacation is over before ma­king a big decision. Take the time to weigh out the pros and cons; otherwise, the stress and pressure may cause you to make bad choices.

There’ll be many small things to do and many details to consider, both at home and at work. You may need to do a deep clean to clear your mind.

You’ll take pleasure in attending shows and special artistic events while on holiday. You may put on a show of your own and receive a healthy round of applause.

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