ONroute offering truckers free coffee this Wednesday

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By Nick Seebruch
ONroute offering truckers free coffee this Wednesday

ONTARIO – To thank truckers for being out on the road and working to maintain our national supply chains, while many of the rest of us are at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ONroute is giving away free coffee to truckers on Wednesday, April 8.

“ONroute is proud to support the essential services provided by so many workers during this time,” said Melanie Teed-Murch, CEO of ONroute. “We have the opportunity to serve our trucking and supply chain sectors and hope that this small token of appreciation demonstrates our gratitude for the many ways they are helping our province and country during this challenging time.”

Truckers who present their trucking license and association membership at any of the 23 ONroute locations across the province on April 8 will receive a free medium coffee or other beverage.

“We continue to operate all 23 plazas across Ontario, providing 24/7 access to fuel, washrooms, food and beverages, and truck parking,” said Teed-Murch. “We know it is a hard time to travel and we’re proud to offer truckers, and all travellers who are on our roads, somewhere safe and clean to stop on their journey.”

Seaway News spoke with one local trucker last week, Gary Delaney, who explained that access to food and beverages while so many restaurants are closed because of COVID-19 has been a challenge to truckers.

“Some businesses have been closing their bathrooms so you can’t even go in and wash your hands. We can’t get food,” he said. “We are relying on gas stations so we can buy wrapped sandwiches.”

Since Seaway News spoke with Gary Delaney, Tim Hortons has amended its policy to allow truckers inside to use the washrooms and get some food. Delaney said that these moves were helping truck drivers who are out on the road.

Delaney also said that he’s been touched by the kindness of strangers.

He said that while walking up to the drive thru window at a Tim Hortons in Quebec, a woman in line behind him got out of her car and offered to pay for his coffee. He politely turned her down, but then she insisted on buying him lunch and bringing it to his truck.

“It was really touching,” he said. “People hate truckers usually. We’re always too slow, we’re boxing you in, we’re not getting out of your way fast enough, so these outpourings of support really mean a lot.”

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