Seaway News takes home six awards

Seaway News Staff
Seaway News takes home six awards
Pictured from left-to-right are Seaway News General Manager Rick Shaver, and Editor Nick Seebruch (Photo by Colleen Parette).

Cornwall Seaway News is pleased to announce that it has been recognized with six awards for its work during 2020.

Today, Friday, April 23, the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) announced the winners of their annual Better Newspapers Competition (BNC).

Seaway News was nominated for Best News Story (second place), Best Rural Story (third place), Best Photo Layout (first place), Best In-House Promotion (second place), Best Vertical Product (second place) and Best Website (third place).

“It is an honour just to be nominated,” said Editor Nick Seebruch. “These awards show the real depth and breadth of our coverage across a tumultuous year. I think that our team rose to the challenges that 2020 presented us, and served our community, Cornwall and the surrounding area, quite well. The awards we won, and the categories for which we weren’t nominated serve as a bar for us to reach and surpass next year.”

This photo layout of the June 6 Black Lives Matter demonstration that took place in Cornwall won first place in the Best Photo Layout category for the 2020 Better Newspapers Competition. The layout was done by Colleen Parette and Kim Poirier-Froats with photos taken by Nick Seebruch. Click the see the full image.

So much of what Seaway News accomplished to attain these awards was done by a team of people. General Manager Rick Shaver said that he was proud of the work that he and his team achieved over the past year and stated that everyone contributed something to make Seaway News’ success possible.

“I want to thank Kim Poirier-Froats and Colleen Parette in our layout department, Jennifer Mayer our Sales Coordinator, our Editor Nick Seebruch and our Sales Team of Steve Jasmin, Bill Begin, and Guy Coté for their dedication and efforts this past year,” said Shaver. “We take pride in all of our work, and major projects such as TASTE magazine not be possible without a real team effort.”

The 2019 edition of TASTE magazine produced by Seaway News was the third in our series of TASTE publications started by former sales manager Patrick Larose, with a great effort by Matt Girgis and sales team and Seaway News editorial staff.

Seaway News will endeavour to continue to tell the stories of the residents of Cornwall, SD&G and Akwesasne every week in our paper, and every day on our website This outlet will also continue to serve as the best platform to advertise and promote local businesses which are the lifeblood of our community.

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