ZipGrow Inc. partners with St. Lawrence College for Indoor Ag-Tech Education

ZipGrow Inc.
ZipGrow Inc. partners with St. Lawrence College for Indoor Ag-Tech Education
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ONTARIO, Canada – St. Lawrence College will soon bring a new academic offering to its syllabus on the Cornwall campus thanks to a partnership with ZipGrow Inc.

A Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) program will be available to students from September 12 – November 4, 2022, to help prepare individuals for employment in the
agricultural technology sector as it pertains to greenhouses, and indoor farms growing food, pharmaceutical, and alternative crops.

The course curriculum includes lessons on; Controlled Environment Crops, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Propagation, and CEA business modeling. Content will be instructed at St. Lawrence College, and labs will take place with instruction from expert growers at ZipGrow Inc’s
state-of-the-art indoor farm facility that utilizes patented hydroponic Tower technology frequently used in community farms worldwide.

This education will prepare individuals for a career in indoor farms and greenhouses that produce food, cannabis, or ornamental crops.

“There are few opportunities in the ag-tech sector where students can receive hands-on training in an indoor vertical farm setting,” said Eric Lang, President of ZipGrow Inc. “We have the resources and knowledge to provide an educational pathway and opportunity for more individuals to enter this exciting field.”

The CEA Industry is growing in more ways than one, and it is estimated to reach a global value of US$ 124.9 billion by 2027. The industry boom is in direct relation to an increasing need for improving crop yields to meet the rising demand for fresh food globally. Rising populations and lack of access to arable land are other major driving factors for job growth within the CEA sector.

“Colleges are an integral part of supporting the workforce for jobs in new and up-and -coming sectors,” said Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO of St. Lawrence College. “This experience goes beyond the classroom and allows students to gain experience in a real working environment of a modern-day industry. We are thrilled to have ZipGrow as a new partner in education that will provide access to the high quality training students will need to succeed.”

Applications are now open and individuals can register by emailing Students may also be eligible for tuition support and subsidies through targeted assistance from the Eastern Ontario Training Board (EOTB). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a “Statement of Achievement” from St. Lawrence College.

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