Healthy soil: the silent hero of the food system

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Healthy soil: the silent hero of the food system

Healthy soil isn’t just dirt — it’s a living, breathing ecosystem teeming with life. This ecosystem is the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, nourishing the planet and feeding the world. Here are some reasons why investing in soil health is so important:

1. Boost productivity. Healthy soil is chock-full of beneficial microbes, fungi and other tiny organisms that act like nature’s fertilizer. These
microoganisms decompose organic matter, releasing essential nutrients for plants to absorb. This translates to higher yields, reducing the need
for synthetic fertilizers.

2. Build resilience. Like a sponge, healthy soil readily absorbs and retains water, acting as a buffer against droughts and floods. This improves crop resilience in the face of increasingly erratic weather patterns due to climate change. Moreover, the diverse microbial community acts as a natural protector against pests and diseases, reducing reliance on chemical pesticides and promoting a more balanced ecosystem.

3. Fight climate change. Healthy soil acts as a carbon sink, capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas. Farming practices like cover cropping and applying compost sequester carbon and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Prioritizing soil health is an investment in the future of agriculture and food security. By nurturing the soil, famers nourish future generations with healthy food produced in harmony with the environment.

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