Building Canada

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Building Canada

The Editor,

To build the Canada we all enjoy today, farmers, their wives and children worked every day.  My children not only worked on the farm daily, but also worked off farm to help pay for their education.  They never complained. 

It will be a long wait if one feels government needs to correct the mistakes they have made.  Governments no longer engage with critical thinkers, and would not be able to find them.  They are too busy helping their friends find ways to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. 

I once asked a successful individual, who had come to Canada after the war without a penny as to what was the most important thing they did to gain this wealth.  This person said “when government suggest you do something, you do the opposite” 

 In today’s economy one’s education is not a guarantee of success.  One must be brave enough to move to more distant areas of this large country. 


 Lorraine Lapointe,

Cornwall, ON

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