RE: Your recent editorial “Sept. 27, 1984 was a cold day in Cornwall.”

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RE: Your recent editorial “Sept. 27, 1984 was a cold day in Cornwall.”

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To the Editor.

You mention Queen Elizabeth II visited the city and region many times, marking some very important events such as The Seaway. You further noted, quote “Few Regions in the world have had single visit, let alone a bunch” end quote. I attended the Benson Centre to sign the book of Condolences and on entering one looks around for where such book would be located. To the right of the entrance inside is a low small table with a white cloth, a book that looked like something from the “Back to School Department in Walmart, a ball point pen, and no chair. First impression was the “Book of Condolences” must be elsewhere. However, as one approaches you see the magnificent “Golden Book” presented to Her Majesty in July 1967 and a picture of the Queen. So this must be it, but where is the Book of Condolences, could it be that cheap black covered notebook lying on the table? The answer of course is “Yes.”

Considering the importance the Queen assigned to visiting Cornwall I am shocked, appalled no less, that such a cheap book would be used alongside the Golden Book for people to express their sincere thoughts and memories on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It would seem little thought was given to preparations for a ceremony that was imminently evident given reports of the Queens failing health, demeaning the importance that she gave to Cornwall and Region. I appreciate and thank you for the editorial expressing our sincere condolences on behalf of our community and regret City Hall didn’t show more class to remember the greatest Queen, woman and mother that ever lived.

Ken Davies
Long Sault

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