Sunday, September 18th was a Sad Day!

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Sunday, September 18th was a Sad Day!

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Dear Editor,

On my way to Brockville I saw a beautiful majestic healthy Moose on the side of the road on Hwy 2 right after Prescott. He was in a large field with about 6 cars stopped to admire this gorgeous animal, I took pictures from my car and then got out to talk to this one elderly couple. They were so amazed, they had their binoculars looking at him. The man said he has been tracking him for a couple of days, the man was concerned for the Moose thou. I told him I would call MNR asap.

When I got to my destination 30 minutes later, I called MNR and I was informed by the Ministry that the OPP shot and killed the Moose. And the Ministry wasn’t even notified. The reason was they shot him because they were tired of dealing with him I was told.

This is unacceptable and can’t happen anymore Moose and Bear have to be Tranquilized and Relocated to a forest

To the people that were beside the road yelling and honking their horns at the OPP telling them “Don’t Shoot”. I’m so Sorry!

And I really hope there is an investigation since the first shot fired missed the Moose. Neighborhood was very upset since a shot was fired near by Thank you to the many people who contacted me.  As Humans we have to do better


Mary Jane Proulx
Animal Activist

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