Thank you Cornwall Concert Series

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Thank you Cornwall Concert Series

Dear Editor,

Thanks to the dedicated committee members of the Cornwall Concert Series, the “Music Man” of Broadway fame made an appearance on Saturday evening at Aultsville Hall, in the person of Larry Sheilds with his 32 member Weston Silver Band. Their brilliant performance was much more professional however, than the work of the “76 trombones, and 110 cornets following right behind”  as sung in that wonderful song from “The Music Man”,first staged on Broadway in 1962. That musical  portrayed a would be musician- Professor Harold Hill who attempts to motivate a group of small town youngsters to play their instruments using the “think method”—not really a very practical method of becoming proficient at playing any instrument!

The Weston Silver Band traces its beginnings to 1921, and has proved their expertise when they gained international recognition, winning the very prestigious North American Band Champion title on three occasions in recent years. Saturday’s performance featured  four trombones, ten cornets , one monstrous tuba that was featured in a solo  number, a flugelhorn, a euphonium, numerous percussionists, along with soprano, tenor, baritone and bass horns. Cornwall’s folks with Scottish heritage  were delighted when the theme throughout the inspiring concert featured “Hymns of the Highlands”.

This final concert of the 2023-2024 season was, for me, the “icing on the cake” of this season’s five concerts. The 32 band members with their instruments  were an awesome sight as the concert came to a close. A lengthy standing ovation saw the band members and their instruments, leave their seated positions on the stage, line up across the front of the Aultsville stage proscenium and out into the wings, to play their encore number from that position. The visual effect as each instrument gleamed with the reflection of the stage lights, was breath taking! Saturday’s audience went home exhilarated by a brilliant performance, and uplifted by a shared inspiring musical experience.

Again, I want to thank the Concert Series Committee for consistently bringing an excellent platter of varied musical genres to their Cornwall audience, with each new concert series season. I look forward to the 2024-2025 offerings.

Dorothy Forrester

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