Buying a hot tub: avoid these faux pas

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Buying a hot tub: avoid these faux pas

Are you dreaming of owning a hot tub? Before you go shopping, be aware of these three common mistakes:


1. Miscalculating your budget. Do you have enough money to buy a hot tub? Don’t forget the cost of installation, electricity and maintenance. Carefully evaluate your budget to avoid going into debt.

2. Not trying it out. Imagine getting in your hot tub for the first time and realizing it’s uncomfortable or the water doesn’t cover your entire body when you sit down.

3. Paying for unnecessary extras. Having a hot tub with the latest stereo system, for example, can be costly. Why consider flashy extras if you have no intention of using them?

Visit your local hot tub retailers to find one you can enjoy year-round!

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