Celebrating the Nineties Club

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By Shawna O'Neill
Celebrating the Nineties Club
From left, Marion Lawn and Teresa Casey receiving their Nineties Club rose (Shawna O'Neill/TC Media).

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CORNWALL, Ontario – St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre (SJCCC) inducted 16 residents into the Nineties Club on Tuesday, May 14.

“We have been celebrating since 1999 and what we celebrate is those who have turned 90 in the last 12 months,” said Gizanne Lafrance Allaire, SJCCC Executive Director.

Lafrance said that the event also celebrated two individuals who are 98 and 99, a couple that will celebrate their 75 year anniversary this year and a resident whose birthday happened to fall on the same day of the celebration.

Each resident was given a pin and a rose during the event, and kind words were spoken about how they each contribute to the overall atmosphere of the centre. Allaire also spoke about interesting facts and events that transpired 90 years ago, and asked trivia questions about the era to attendees. Once each resident was recognized, they relocated to the Wall of Fame, where a portrait of each resident in the 90s and 100s club is displayed; all new portraits were unveiled. Attendees could also indulge in tea and treats special to the event.

“From day one we did portraits. Whenever there is a passing, the family gets to keep the portrait, which is nice,” said Allaire.

Allaire explained that the Nineties Club induction is one of the centre’s top three events of the year.

“It’s special and I think the families really appreciate it. It’s not always easy to celebrate outside of the centre so this allows them to celebrate together, and with staff,” she said.

“I think 90-years-old is quite a milestone and it’s just a special special time in someone’s life. We have to say however, a lot of the residents who are joining us now are on average early 90’s. That’s why now we have five residents in the 100’s club.


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