Don’t worry Canadian comedy scene, Steve Patterson has your back

Don’t worry Canadian comedy scene, Steve Patterson has your back
Comedian Steve Patterson

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – The last time this funny man and host of CBC Radio One ‘The Debaters’ performed at the Aultsville Theatre, he nearly died that morning in a car accident on his way to the venue.

“It was a tough show and a bit awkward to get through because the car was totalled,” Steve Patterson told Seaway News in a phone interview Thursday.

The multi-faceted performer is braving all odds and returning to the theatre for his national comedy tour I Laugh, Therefore I Think on Saturday, April 25. Show time is 7: 30 p.m.

In addition to hosting a popular radio show, Patterson is a stand-up comedian with over 15 years of touring experience, a television host, and a published humour writer.

“The last tour (in regards to his 2012 This Is Not Debatable Cornwall gig) was sort of me explaining to people that I’ve been doing comedy a lot longer than The Debaters,” he said.

Patterson is a comic with limits, but he won’t lose any sleep if he offends an audience member to the point he/she makes a grand exit.

“If I get a couple of people walking out, I’m totally at peace with that,” he said. “I hope open-minded people in the Cornwall area come to the show.”

Patterson feels the tidal wave that is social media has changed comedy both for better – referring to immediacy – and the worse –in terms of going too far just to become the next viral sensation.

“I think people feel the pressure to get there first with the punchline for certain jokes,” said Patterson.

“It’s harder to let time pass before you comment on things because of the constant cycle of information. But you have to be thoughtful about things first. If you’re going to have a target, it should be the haves of the world, the greedy corrupt politicians or public figures, as opposed to the victims of something. Making fun of victims isn’t funny.”

Since his last performance in Fun City, Patterson has a new perspective on life thanks to fatherhood. He discussed the impact his seven-month-old daughter has made on his comedy (of course, in jest).

“She doesn’t give me a lot of feedback,” he said. “She just stares at me – it’s harder than a heckle.  Being a father makes me think about when you don’t have anyone counting on you that you’re leaving behind, you don’t think as much about the future as you do, when you do.”

And without missing a beat Patterson dropped this scathingly hilarious one-liner: “I guess if Target had a kid they would’ve done better at having stores here.”

He’s a big fan of the Last Week Tonight Show with John Oliver for the way the host transforms mundane topics into side-splitting analogies, which in turn leads to public discussions. So fans of this style are sure to enjoy Patterson’s act, too.

“I have some thoughts on the (Keystone XL) pipeline that could be a solution – and when I say that of course I mean a comedic solution,” he said.

Patterson also shared some insight into the meaning of the title of his new show: “There’s certain things I’ve thought about and put out there. I get to do a lot of shows for groups like professional investors. Sometimes I’ll put out an idea that’s sort of ridiculous. But then they’ll comment with, that’s not a bad idea.”

He believes there are plenty of things about Canada that comedians can make fun of and have fun with, that the rest of the world can enjoy as well. He added that Ron James is officially “Captain Canada” when it comes to comedy.

“There’s enough funny stuff going on in Canada right now. And frankly, there’s enough stupid ‘arseholes’ that deserve to be made fun of that everyone is starting to know,” said Patterson. “I think the world thinks Rob Ford and Mike Duffy are the same blubbering idiot. We should at least let them know that they’re two different people.”

Joining Patterson is special guest Ivan Decker, a Vancouver-based comedian heralded as one of the fastest rising stars in Canada. Fans of The Debaters will immediately recognize him as a frequent and popular guest.

Reserved seating tickets for Steve Patterson – I Laugh, Therefore I Think are $40.00 (tax included, facility fees and service charges extra), and are available at the Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office (613) 938-9400, 100 Water St. East – Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm or or Aultsville Theatre Box Office one hour before showtime (subject to availability).

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