Downtown eateries a great place to sink your teeth into

You’ve all heard the stories about the changing face of downtown Cornwall – now you can smell and taste the same stories.

Gone are the days when Cornwall’s downtown area, specifically, Pitt Street, was a place that lacked in culinary variety.

Today, because business owners have taken it upon themselves to offer fare that is not available at typical big box restaurant franchises, hungry patrons are making it a point to arrange their dining plans around what is available downtown.

And the choices, dear diners, are endless.

Asian? We’ve got you covered.

A quick sandwich and a coffee? No problem.

How about a nice juicy steak? Get in line.

And some glitz for a night on the town? Better bring your shiny new purse in addition to those stretchy pants.

Cornwall’s downtown menu options are about as varied as the business owners who make up the fabric Pitt Street.

And the best news is, things are continuing to evolve.

“Now when you make plans to come downtown, people will say: ‘Where are we going to eat?’ And the answer is: “We’ll make up our minds when we get down there,'” said Joey Gault, who along with his wife Raquel Roy own the newly created Mindful Cookery and Food Market. “There are more and more options for people to enjoy.”

No kidding.

And those options go beyond simply finding a menu that suits your taste.

Sue Martin, owner of The Grind on Second Street East, said while her business is popular for the delicious coffee and baked goods it supplies, it has also become known as a place where relationships are fostered.

If you’ve had a date in downtown Cornwall, chances are you’ve had it at The Grind.

“I’ve seen lots of relationships that have begun right here,” she said. “People enjoy the atmosphere and this has become a place to meet and talk.”

Just down the street from The Grind is Love Love Food, owner Tony Lacroix’s answer to the question: “What can I name a business that illustrates my affection for cooking?”

Lacroix, a transplant from Montreal, said he and his partner fell in love with the city’s downtown and when they were looking to establish their bistro in the heart of Cornwall the choice of locations was not difficult.

“It’s great to come downtown now and see all the changes,” he said.

And what would a story about Cornwall’s downtown menu options be without a tip of the chef’s hat to the owners of Riley’s Bakery.

Ana and Rob Curran owners of Riley’s, the venerable Cornwall institution that is still a fan favourite for everything from cookies and cakes to sandwiches with enough meat to choke a horse (in a good way).

“You can really see the changes that are taking place downtown,” said Rob Curran. “People are really coming together.”

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