Hedges 101: which ones have you heard of?

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Hedges 101:  which ones have you heard of?

Do you want to demarcate or embellish your property without putting up a fence or low wall? Go for greenery! Hedges are an excellent natural option. Find out which of the following might suit your needs:


Low hedges are typically planted with perennial species that grow as tall as one metre. They’re ideal for defining spaces, creating contrast and highlighting walkways but aren’t designed to provide shade or block the wind.

Monospecific hedges consist of a single plant species resembling a wall of vegetation. Cedar hedges are popular in northern climates because they grow quickly and provide optimum privacy.

Varied or mixed hedges are perfect for encouraging biodiversity in your yard. These hedges comprise multiple species that attract different animals, like birds, which make their homes there. Depending on the height and thickness of the hedge, it can also be used to block the wind and provide shade.

Defensive, also known as protective hedges, are designed to deter intruders. You must choose dense plants that grow tall and have sharp or prickly features, such as thorns.

Ask a landscaping expert for advice on selecting the plants, shrubs or trees that will make up your hedge. They’ll consider your budget, preferences, and land and soil type to ensure you get the best results.

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