Kinsmen Club support St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre

Seaway News Staff
Kinsmen Club support St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
Pictured is Christie Hollingsworth, Community Engagement Officer, JM leMoeligou president Kismen Club of Cornwall. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall has made a donation to a community cause and at the request of St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre (SJCCC).

“Kinsmen Club of Cornwall helped make a very special dream come true at SJCCC! With these funds, the Centre is that much closer to being able to purchase a jDome BikeAround for the benefit of the residents and patients at SJCCC. With the help of Google Street View, jDome BikeAround will be able to provide new experiences and create meaningful memories all around the world. Soon, residents and patients will be able to visit the places they long for from their past and/or places that they’ve always wanted to visit,” reads a statement from SJCCC.

Kinsmen has been serving community needs in Cornwall for many years . At SJCCC, there are 208 residents and patients who will benefit from using BikeAround jDome at any given time. Of the 208, there are 150 residents who call SJCCC home whose travel days are very few and far between. Over the course of the year, hundreds of additional patients come through the Centre through the Slow-Paced Rehabilitation program, discharging back into their home.

BikeAround jDome is a stationary bike paired with Google Street View and is suitable for people with cognitive disabilities, people with physical disabilities and people with memory difficulties. It can be successfully used in rehabilitation and daily activities. Communication and motor skills as well as sensory stimulation can be exercised in conditions that are safe, repeatable and customary. This would be a huge asset to the wellbeing of those in rehabilitation and long-term care.

“SJCCC is so humbled by the generosity of the Kinsmen Club and feels truly blessed to have been given this opportunity. A special thank you Kinsmen Club of Cornwall for all you do for our community,” the SJCCC statement goes on to state.

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