Lighting options to brighten your yard!

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Lighting options to brighten your yard!

There are endless options when it comes to outdoor lighting. Halogen or LED? Electric or solar? Here are a few ideas to help you make the right choice.



Each type of bulb has its advantages. LED bulbs are renowned for their durability. Plus, you’ll end up saving on replacement costs. They also consume up to 75 per cent less electricity than halogen bulbs. However, halo­gen bulbs give off more heat, which can melt the snow around your trees in winter and save you some time and effort shovelling.


One big question remains: is it better to opt for lights that run on electricity or solar energy? Here’s a quick comparison:

Electric lights are affordable and reliable. However, they require more equipment, and it can be hard to hide the cables.

Solar lights are practical, removable and low maintenance. However, the light’s intensity is weak and limited to the amount of sunlight the fixture receives during the day.

You’ll also need to consider the characteristics of your yard, the slope and the visual effect you want to achieve. Not sure which product to choose? Talk to a landscaping professional for enlightenment.

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