Local forgotten treasures to be repurposed

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By Shawna O'Neill
Local forgotten treasures to be repurposed
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Calling all thrifty treasure hunters, the City of Cornwall is hosting its community-wide Trash to Treasure Day over two days this year, on Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25.

This year’s environmentally friendly event has expanded to include a full day of yard sales in the City, as well as a day filled with giveaways.

“Our landfill only has about 10 years left, so its important for our community to think about how we can reduce waste at the source…and a new landfill costs around $50 million,” said Danielle Watson, City Waste Management Supervisor.

Watson explained that last year’s inaugural event received a lot of feedback, thus the ‘Day’ event has grown into a weekend due to overflowing participation. Watson feels that the incorporation of an interactive map will help treasure hunters along their journey, and said that last year participants noted that most of the items they had put out for collection were gone by noon.

Locals are still welcome to participate in hosting giveaways or yard sales, but are encouraged to fill out the form here. Mattresses, hazardous waste and food items are not to be included and all items are to be brought indoors before 7 p.m. on both days.

“Trash to Treasure Day is an opportunity for residents to share their gently used, unwanted household items with treasure hunters. The goal is to reuse items rather than sending them to the landfill. Trash to Treasure Day is a free event for the whole community,” read a City of Cornwall statement.

The City recommends to locals who are striving to reduce their waste to take part in the I Give A Shirt campaign from October 21 to 25, reduce their usage of single-use plastics and learn to recycle better, whether through the Recycle Coach app or attending recycling programs offered by the City.

To see where almost 150 yard sales and give away locations will be across Cornwall this year, view the interactive maps below, provided by the City of Cornwall.

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