Staying healthy and fit in the water

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By Nick Seebruch
Staying healthy and fit in the water
Nav Fit's PWR!Moves class. Pictured from left-to-right are: Linda Oathwaite, Wendy Lynch, Ian McIntosh and class supporter Linda Mahoney. In front is instructor Debbie Laundrie (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Every Tuesday, Parkinson’s patients get the chance to get fit, get healthy and get into the water at the Nav Centre as a part of Nav Fits’ Aqua PWR!Moves class.

Class Instructor, Debbie Laundrie, is certified in the Parkinson Wellness and Recovery (PWR!Moves) program.

Laundrie has nearly 30 years of experience teaching fitness classes and 20 years doing aqua fit.

She explained that there were some distinct advantages for Parkinson’s patients who participate in this aqua fit program.

“You’re working out, but it’s fun,” Laundrie said. “Your muscles get stronger in the water and it stabilizes the joints. The water is very soothing, so it is strength training as well.”

Being in the water is particularly beneficial for Parkinson’s patients.

“For Parkinson’s you have to go big with your movements and you have to work harder in the water because the water is fighting back,” said Laundrie. “Parkinson’s patients have to go fast to get bigger movements in the body. The whole premise is to go strong, go hard, go big and go fast.”

To maintain strength, according to Laundrie, Parkinson’s patients have to exercise seven days a week. Before starting the class in September, Laundrie took training and classes to better understand the science behind Parkinson’s.

She said that the feedback that she has received from her students has been positive.

“I like being in the water because of the freedom and I like the openness,” said class participant Wendy Lynch.

To take a dive into the Nav Fit PWR!Moves class, call 613-936-5028.

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