Tie-dying tote bags for some summer fun

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By Nick Seebruch
Tie-dying tote bags for some summer fun
Lily and Sophia Chouinard with their tie-dye tote bags. Submitted photo.

LONG SAULT, Ontario – Long Sault resident Celine Labelle held a fun and colourful event for kids in her community this past weekend. Labelle helped 35 kids tie-dye tote bags so they can carry their towels to the spalshpad in a colourful and unique way.

This was the latest in a series of events that Labelle has held in Long Sault during the pandemic to help bring joy and comfort to local children during a time that has been stressful for many.

Earlier in 2021 Labelle invited children to come and paint a large blank canvas that she had attached to her fence in Long Sault, and earlier this summer, she held a scavenger hunt that saw 44 families participate.

The scavenger hunt had kids follow clues throughout the community before ending at Sunset Cove to get their bag of treats which included popcorn from the Happy Popcorn Co., glow sticks, sparklers and other sweet treats. Food was provided by the local Legion who held a BBQ and hot dogs were donated by O’Neill’s Pub.

“The idea of finishing at the Sunset Cove Retirement Residence was so the elderly could see the kids bike down or run down to the end, the kids would wave to them and smile and we thought that would be a nice way to brighten their day,” said Labelle.

Labelle was able to hold these events thanks to a prize she won by entering a contest held by Dairy Queen Cornwall and the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation (CCHF).

“It’s not a huge set up, however if there’s anything I’ve learned from these projects I’ve done here in the community this summer is that it doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, the community and the kids love coming together to have fun and share smiles and laughter,” Labelle said.

Labelle says that she still has some money leftover from the contest and will be pitching ideas in her community’s Facebook group as to what event should be done next.

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