UCDSB students, staff ‘Shake it Off’ in anti-bullying video

UCDSB students, staff ‘Shake it Off’ in anti-bullying video
Students bust a move in a still image from the 'UCDSB 2015 Shake It Off' video.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Depending on the lesson plan, learning can be fun.

A dance video of students and staff from over 40 elementary and secondary schools across 1,200 kilometres of the Upper Canada District School Board is making its rounds on the internet.

As Taylor Swift’s hit song plays in the background during the new ‘UCDSB 2015 Shake It Off’ video, each participating school performs their own choreographed routines. All the dance moves are inspired by the song’s lyrics, which promote an anti-bullying theme of tolerance and inclusion.

Watch it here.

Since being posted on YouTube and to UCDSB’s Facebook page, the clip has been viewed more than 45,350 times.

The ‘class assignment’ was launched after the success of the UCDSB Happy Dance in 2014.

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