15-Year Hospital Partnership Helping Local Patients Quit Smoking

Provided by the Cornwall Community Hospital
15-Year Hospital Partnership Helping Local Patients Quit Smoking
Photo caption (pictured left to right): Jennifer Barkley (Director of Diagnostic Services and Cardiorespiratory), Mackenzie Scott (Respiratory Therapist), Joanie Turcotte (Respiratory Therapist), Katie Lalonde (Charge Respiratory Therapist), and Dr. Anastasios Boubalos (Chief of Staff). (Photo : CCH)

This National Non-Smoking Week, Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is celebrating 15 years of partnership with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (OMSC).

In 2002, smoking cessation experts at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) developed the OMSC – an institutional program that systematically identifies, provides treatment, and offers follow-up to patients who smoke as part of routine care. In 2006, the UOHI began to assist other inpatient, outpatient, and primary care settings to implement the OMSC.

Since the implementation of the OMSC at CCH in February of 2008, an impressive 12,000 smokers have been reached through personalized consultations and received best practice tobacco dependence treatment including nicotine replacement therapy. Today, an estimated 4,500 local patients are smoke-free as a result of the support they received through the OMSC while at CCH.

“Smoking continues to be a leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Canada; and countless health problems caused by smoking commonly lead to hospitalization, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, and many forms of cancer. However, quitting smoking, no matter your age, is associated with significantly lower rates of re-hospitalization and death,” explains Dr. Anastasios Boubalos, Chief of Staff at Cornwall Hospital. “We are proud to be advancing our collaborative partnership with the UOHI to offer effective smoking cessation supports for our patients addicted to smoking, increasing their chances of recovery and long-term health.”

“It’s gratifying to note the leadership being provided by the Cornwall Community Hospital in addressing smoking, the leading cause of preventable disease and death, by employing the Ottawa Model,” said Dr. Andrew Pipe, co-developer of the OMSC and Canada’s foremost expert on smoking cessation. “The hospital has been providing such distinct leadership for 15 years and serves as an example to hospitals in Ontario and beyond as to how to deliver outstanding preventive care. We’re particularly proud to have been a partner with the hospital for those 15 years and to learn from their experience.”

The OMSC is also available as a community program for local residents who are not in hospital, enrolled with a healthcare provider or who cannot easily access smoking cessation treatment and support. The program includes a telephone consultation, enrollment in a nicotine replacement therapy voucher program, 6 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy in the mail and a 6-month follow-up. To access the program, call 1-888-645-5405 and leave your contact information on the voicemail.

Residents suffering from any substance use addiction can access treatment through Cornwall Hospital’s Community Addiction and Mental Health Services by visiting www.AccessMHA.ca.

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