ACFO: Looking back on the year 2022

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
ACFO: Looking back on the year 2022

ACFO (The Association of Francophone Communities of Ontario) SDG has done great work in our community in 2022.

One big milestone was the creation of Carrefour Immigration Crossroads (CIC) – a collaborative platform initiated by ACFO SDG for the community that provides a unique model for the successful inclusion of newcomers.

“The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG) region offers optimal conditions for successful immigration and inclusion,” they shared in a recent newsletter, “ACFO SDG distinguishes itself by valuing the work of other organizations and businesses while using its resources efficiently and putting people at the heart of all its work.”

The CIC platform has enabled ACFO SDG to develop a partnership with DEVCORE to coordinate a transition center for newcomers. Together, they have supported over 800 families and individuals who are new to the country and to SDG. They have also welcomed and successfully settled 5 Ukrainian families in the area, developed and expanded a free thrift store service to support newcomers, and formed over 30 partnerships in the process.

On December 6, 2022, ACFO helped host Forum Action Innovation at the DEV Centre. Together with 18 partners and 35 collaborators, 100 newcomers were connected to essentials like employment, education, health, and housing.

1822 people were served by the free thrift store in 2022. The public can now bring donations directly to the ACFO SDG thrift store at La Citadelle during business hours, entering on the left-hand side of the building at 510 McConnell Avenue.

Other highlights from the year include the launch of ACFO SDG’s popular ARTeliers workshops with Renee Baillargeon and Drums Alive with Geneviève Éthier. ACFO SDG’s LOL-Mort de rire! Desjardins comedy courses have had 1338 students registered. So far, 976 of them have already participated in the last two months.

We look forward to seeing what ACFO has in store for the new year!

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