Breach charge laid 935 times in 2019

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By Shawna O'Neill
Breach charge laid 935 times in 2019
CPS officer. Shawna O'Neill Seaway News stock photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – When Cornwall Seaway News posts CPS police blotter articles onto our social media, readers often comment about the frequency of breach charges.

According to Stephanie MacRae, Communications Officer with CPS, a total of 935 breach charges have been laid since Jan. 1 of this year to July 10.

“This includes breaches of probation orders, recognizance of bail orders, undertakings, as well as youth probation orders,” said MacRae.

This number of breach charges also includes instances where one individual has been charged with breach multiple times, as only approximately 300 individuals have been charged with breach this year. This equals, on average, 3.11 breaches per offender this year, however each offender has not necessarily committed breach on multiple occassions.

MacRae was unable to specify what percentage of 2019 breach charges are in relation to the total of all charges laid this year. She was also unable to provide information regarding how long an officer may spend filling out paperwork involving a breach and how much this officer may be paid per hour.

“There are a number of variables for this – a major one being the nature of the incident i.e. if there were other charges laid, if it was a domestic breach, etc. These are all things that could factor in to how long it takes to complete the documents associated to a breach, so unfortunately I cannot provide an accurate answer…” said MacRae.

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