CCH experiencing Emergency Department doctor shortage

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By Nick Seebruch
CCH experiencing Emergency Department doctor shortage
Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH)

CORNWALL, Ontario – In a media release, the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) announced that they are currently experiencing a shortage of doctors in their Emergency Department.

“The Emergency Department has recently experienced retirements coupled with an unexpected leave leading to our temporary shortage,” CCH states in a media release. “We have several new  recruits starting July 1st including 2 from the “Adopt a Medical Resident.””

The Adopt a Medical Resident program is a partnership between the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation (CCHF) and Queen’s University to bring two medical residents to Cornwall per year to work in the Emergency Department.

Doctors brought in through this program are expected to work at the hospital for two years. The program aims to bring in four new Emergency Room doctors over the next three years.

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CCH states that they are currently concentrating their staffing in the Emergency Room around the peak hours of the morning and afternoon.

“It may benefit the community to understand that less urgent conditions will be more efficiently seen during morning and early afternoon hours,” the CCH media release statess. “In fact, during the day we have up to four doctors on duty. We want everyone to know that we always strive to provide the best care possible in a timely way. If your condition is less severe, the wait time will likely be better during the day when we have higher staffing levels.”

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