City issues reminder about construction zone rules

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By Shawna O'Neill
City issues reminder about construction zone rules
The construction at the Marleau and McConnell 2017.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Many areas of the city are currently under construction, whether it be roads and overpasses or sidewalks. The City of Cornwall felt it was necessary to remind residents of the imperative construction zone rules.

“Today I have witnessed many people walk through a construction zone where the sidewalk is clearly posted as being closed off to pedestrians. I have also witnessed drivers completely disregard worker safety and drive through a complete road closed area,” said Tommy Sauve, City of Cornwall Health, Training and Safety Supervisor in a post on social media. “If I can get people to understand that these workers’ safety and yours is our number one priority, no one needs to be struck by moving machinery, no worker needs to be struck by a vehicle when it can be avoided.”

Sauve said that across the province there were 1,694 reported collisions in construction zones during 2013, which is the most recent year data was collected on the issue. Of the collisions, seven accidents resulted in eight deaths, and 341 other collisions resulted in injuries.

“The Province of Ontario sets the perimeters for construction zone safety and it’s called Traffic Book 7, and in my travels I do my absolute best to make sure our staff along with our contractors comply,” said Sauve, who is  encouraging pedestrians and motorists comply as directed as well.  “Your safety is our priority. I ask that you please follow all posted signs in and around construction zones. These workers could very well be your loved ones!”

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