COPA takes flight online

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By Nick Seebruch
COPA takes flight online

CORNWALL, Ontario  -The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)’s Cornwall chapter, Flight 59, recently held online training for pilots from across the province and across the country.

Typically, COPA would hold in person recency training on issues such as flight safety, but due to the ongoing global pandemic, this was not possible.

Instead, they invited members of the public to participate online via the Zoom platform.

Where flight 59 would usually have around five to 10 local individuals participate in the training, this time they saw more than 200 participants, some from as far away as Vancouver Island in BC.

“There were still a lot of interactions, even though we were in different rooms,” said Eric Lamontagne, Communications Officer with COPA Flight 59.

Lamontagne explained that their recent training session was all about flight awareness and safety and that the instructor took them through an example of a cross provincial flight from Smiths Falls to Brampton.

Pilots are required to take refresher courses every 24 months, and COPA’s national office is considering offering this online service nationwide.

COPA Flight 59 is also interested in offering this course again and will share that information through their Facebook page.

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