Cornwall construction to reach for the sky?

Image of Nick Seebruch
By Nick Seebruch
Cornwall construction to reach for the sky?
The Seaway building was one of the taller structures built before the by-law restricting building height was put in place (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall City Councillor Justin Towndale has put forward a motion to repeal a height limit on buildings in Cornwall.

The motion, which was seconded by Councillor Dean Hollingsworth, will go to a vote at Council’s Nov. 12 meeting.

The restrictions that are currently in place prevent any building from being above 90 metres in height.

“(T)his section was enacted in 1979, after buildings exceeding 90 metres (feet), such as the Seaway Building, had already been constructed in the City,” reads the motion that was put forward by Towndale.

The motion points out that municipalities like Brockville do not have such restrictions and that a prohibition on taller buildings could hinder economic growth in Cornwall.

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