Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival Launch

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Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival Launch

African Colors Teninbia Corp is happy to announce the Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival coming in the Summer of 2024.

Organizers of the Cornwall SDG International Afro & Diversity Festival are buzzing about the Official Launch Ceremony on Saturday, August 19, 2023, starting at 1 p.m. downstairs at the Civic Complex. Although hosted by a Francophone organization, the launch ceremony and festival will be presented in both official languages to make the events as inclusive as possible.

“The mandate of the festival is to promote culture and inclusion,” said Eunice Boue, Festival Communication Director, “That is why the festival is called Afro and Diversity because we really want the culture to be shared between everybody, whatever your background. We want to celebrate each other’s culture.”

The launch ceremony and festival are free to attend, and everyone is welcome. The festival is designed to bring together cultural enthusiasts from around the world, in a spirit of celebration, creativity and diversity.

“We are aiming for the vibe of festivals in big cities so it will be a completely different vibe then the community is used to,” explained Myriam B-Darveau.

This weekend’s launch ceremony will feature presentations explaining what is coming up for summer 2024, along with speeches, refreshments, and activities for kids. There will be lively performances by various international groups, artists, and dancers. Dignitaries Senator Bernadette Clement, Cornwall Mayor Justin Towndale, and Ivory Coast ambassador Bafetigue Quattara have confirmed their attendance.

President of the festival, Flora Cynthia Kra, has many surprises in store for the ceremony and is looking forward to introducing this unique and unifying festival to the area.

“There is a big excitement in everybody, we can feel the city vibing about the ceremony, so we are happy,” Boue shared.

Among the performers set to create a memorable launch ceremony this weekend are artist Marteeyet from Myanmar, a local who is excited to make his musical debut in the community, Brazilian dance group DOUMICA, and more.

The Cornwall International Afro & Diversity Festival SDG is grateful for local organizations and the community who believe in this project and the idea. A recent release shared that ACFO SDG will be sponsoring the first edition of the festival in 2024. Other key partners include AFIF Cornwall-SDG, Cornwall Tourism, Cornwall Community Museum, African Nigerian Association, and Mr. Lee Theodore.

Updates about the launch ceremony and 2024 event can be found on the festival’s social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn or on the web at

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