Cornwall Waterfest Cancelled for 2023

Provided by the Cornwall Waterfest Committee
Cornwall Waterfest Cancelled for 2023

It is with disappointment that the Cornwall Waterfest Committee has announced that they will not be hosting a dragon boat festival in 2023.

While the event has been very popular over the years with participants and spectators, it has been an ongoing challenge to recruit the volunteers necessary to successfully host the event.  This is a struggle faced by many non-profit and charitable organizations.  The festival has relied on many wonderful dedicated volunteers to organize and run the event for eleven seasons, but understandably people get tired, their lives change, and they have different demands on their time.

The Waterfest Committee will be taking this year to examine protocols and determine if a more sustainable hosting model can be devised.  One strategy being considered is a  partnership with another organization who might have access to staff and volunteers able to share in the workload.

Over the years, the dragon boat festival has gratefully received support (both financial and in-kind) from the City of Cornwall and the Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall.  Revenue is also generated through entrance fees and sponsorships.

It is the hope of the Cornwall Waterfest Committee that we will see dragons back on the canal in 2024.

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