Council considers Christmas lights in park

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Council considers Christmas lights in park

CORNWALL, Ontario – At the Cornwall City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 26 Councillor Dean Hollingsworth asked for a report from administration on the feasibility of putting up Christmas lights and playing musing in Lamoureux Park this holiday season. The motion was seconded by Councillor Eric Bergeron.

“It was mentioned to me or articulated from a resident in the city who for whatever reason had been to Brockville region and said why can’t we do something like that,” Hollingsworth said, referring to a drive through light tour organized in the area. “It seemed like a good idea like a way to promote our municipality. We have a park with some lights and music to generate some action in the downtown core. People walking to and fro might stop in Le Village or Pitt St. and perhaps make a purchase coming to and from.”

A problem with that proposal according to City Chief Administrative Officer Maureen Adams was the tight timeline to get these lights setup by the Christmas season.

“The timeline would be very challenging in my view,” said Cornwall Parks & Recreation Director Jamie Fawthrop. “The supply for the quantity of lights we’d be looking for would be in the four-to-six week range and the installation took two weeks.”

In 2016 Cornwall Council had approved spending $60,000 on lights in Lamoureux Park which were up for most of the following year in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration.

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Councillor Elaine MacDonald raised the idea that the public should be asked to put forward ideas of their own on what could take place in Lamoureux Park this winter.

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