Flag raising marks beginning of the Poppy Campaign 

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
Flag raising marks beginning of the Poppy Campaign 
Pictured is Mayor Glen Grant with members of the Cornwall Legion and the Poppy Flag (Connor McLaughlin/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Oct. 28, 2021, the City of Cornwall and Legionnaires performed their annual flag raising ceremony, celebrating the start to the Legion’s Poppy Campaign. Glen Grant, Mayor of Cornwall was present for the ceremony and was given the very first Poppy per tradition, by Cornwall Legion Poppy Chairman, Kerry Patterson.  

The Poppy Campaign is a local initiative created after the Second World War to fund and support veterans and their families that starts every year form the last Friday of October, ending on Nov. 11.  

Each year, poppies are placed out onto the streets and can be found across Canada, along with thousands of Legionnaires who volunteer to distribute poppies to the community. 

“The Poppy Campaign is designed to raise funds through donations, for the Legion to be able to support veterans and their families,” said Dona McNish First Vice President of the Cornwall Legion. “When we’re supporting the Veterans and their families, it could be helping them find lodging, helping them get food, helping them have their driveways done in the Winter time, or their lawns done in the Summer time.” 

Patterson and McNish stated that the Campaign also supports Hospice and Care Centers, places that aid in supporting the veterans, as well as, providing bursaries for members of veteran’s families. 

“Youth education is a big thing that we try to support. All along and around Remembrance Day, the youth are doing competitions, they’re doing artwork, poems, and essays that they compete with, and that’s a big part of the way they are learning about November 11,” said McNish. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the amount of persons present will be reduced and there was no inside gathering held afterwards. 

Any persons wanting to donate to the Legions Poppy Campaign can find donation boxes at various places such as local grocers, banks, and convenience stores around Cornwall. Donations can also be made online by visiting the Legions website. 

Royal canadian Legion Cornwall ontario Canada Branch 297 (legion-cornwall.com) 

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