Student food truck fundraising frenzy

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By Shawna O'Neill
Student food truck fundraising frenzy
From left, student Shania McMartin and teacher Kelly Mcdermid during the food truck feast on Wednesday, April 24 (Shawna O'Neill/TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario – It was a party with a plethora of poutine on Wednesday, April 28 when students of St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School opened their fundraising food truck, The Squeaky Curd, to the public.

With over 40 community members in attendance, hospitality teacher Kelly McDermid considered the event a savoury success.

“What’s great about the program is it’s tangible,” explained McDermid. “They’re getting industry experience. They’re in here, working through and developing a menu, and it’s all hands-on learning. They’re not doing a lot of book work.”

The 16 students participating will receive a dual credit through the program with St. Lawrence College (SLC). Chef Christian Barque, instructor at SLC, was also present during the event to assist students. The fundraising luncheon was the second of the semester with tickets priced at $20.

“We are doing two fundraising lunches throughout the semester to raise funds to reinvest back into our program,” explained McDermid. “The students came up with the menu on their own, priced out the ingredients, prepped out for cooking and delivering poutine.”

The menu consisted of a Breakfast Poutine, Notorious P.I.G. Poutine and Gnocchi and Duck Confit Poutine, with a chocolate dessert.

Construction students even crafted a wooden food truck cut out to add to the overall experience.

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