Goose nest in parking lot protected

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By Nick Seebruch
Goose nest in parking lot protected
A picture of the goose enclosure at SmartCentres in Cornwall. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A reader by the name of Lois Hopwood-Jones, brought to Seaway News‘ attention earlier this week that there is a mother goose nesting and protecting her eggs in the SmartCentres (Walmart) parking lot in Cornwall.

Jones brought the goose to the attention of not just the local media, but also the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) and SmartCentres that manages the property.

“There is a Canada goose nesting on the median between the A&W & the new Taco Bell which was built late last fall.  Her mate is in the Walmart parking lot in one of the parking spaces,” Jones wrote in an email. “As this was mostly fields last year, and as geese often return to their former nesting locations, perhaps she found the next best place for her nest. But it’s so dangerous.  The cars themselves present serious concerns.  In addition to that, some kids had to be chased away who were tormenting her.”

Jones explained that danger to the goose and to her eggs.

“Nests containing eggs must be left alone. Moving them even a few feet risks orphaning the unhatched young, as the mother goose won’t recognize her relocated nest,” she wrote. “It is also against the law to interfere with a nest without a permit, as Canada geese are federally protected.  I’m not certain how long she has been there, but at least three days that I am certain of.  But it takes 25-to-30 days to incubate the eggs, and another two-to-three months before the goslings can fly.  There is no way they will survive in that parking lot on that median for that length of time without some aid.”

Jones sent an update to Seaway News on Tuesday, May 5 to say that SmartCentres had taken quick action to protect the goose.

“I thought I would update you on the amazing intervention by SmartCentres and their wonderful caring staff who went out of their way to put signage and protective fencing around the Canada goose nesting at the A&W drive-thru sign across from the Walmart shopping centre at Ninth & Cumberland here in Cornwall,” wrote Jones. “Kudos to Marianne O’Leary and her property management group, as well as Sandra Kaiser, Vice President, Corporate Affairs for SmartCentres, who reacted so quickly and efficiently to the situation.  I am so grateful to have compassionate organizations such as SmartCentres/Walmart residing in our community.  Thank you so very much.”

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