Here’s to kindness in 2024!

Here’s to kindness in 2024!


Yelling at a volunteer in the hospital lobby because a mask is required. Threatening an Emergency Department triage nurse because the wait is long. Sometimes, we take frustrations out on those trying to help us the most. As we kick off 2024, we’d like to work together to change that.


“Thank you to the patients and families who have supported the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) team throughout the pandemic. Thank you as well to the staff, physicians and volunteers who come to WDMH every day ready to care for our community,” notes Janie Desroches, Vice President, Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Executive. “Being in the hospital can be stressful. Some wait times are longer than we would like. And some restrictions, such as wearing a mask, can be hard. We welcome your helpful, respectful feedback. Your health is our top priority.” 


“Please be a patient patient and know that our team is working hard to care for you and your family,” adds WDMH CEO Cholly Boland. “A safe and respectful space allows our staff and physicians to focus on providing high quality care for all of you. Thanks for your patience and understanding.”


If you would like to provide comments or suggestions about hospital services, please contact Cholly Boland, President and CEO, Winchester District Memorial Hospital at 613.774.1049 or by email at

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