Hospice’s Sandy Collette Retires

Hospice’s Sandy Collette Retires
(Photo : Trevor Eggleton and Sandy Collette)


You may know her and if you don’t you likely know someone who has been positively impacted from her efforts, Sandy Collette is well-known for her phenomenal and instrumental fundraising efforts for Cornwall Hospice since it opened in 2009.

Now 15 years and several millions dollars later, a room full of friends, co-workers and loved ones expressed their gratitude and appreciation for Sandy’s career contribution to the community and intrinsic connection to countless families. 

“Working diligently with the community she’s raised over $7 million to help make this essential resource possible for the hundreds of people and families who have used it over the years. What’s more, she’s a lifelong resident of the area and has developed many relationships and friendships through her time both at Hospice and previously with Heart and Stroke.” fondly said by Trevor Eggleton, Director, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising for Carefor Health & Community Services. 

True to form when asked how she felt about retiring, she said ‘good because they met their fundraising goal this year’ but don’t let that stop you- to donate or for more information about Carefor Hospice, www.cornwallhospice.com.

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