Incredible Edible Plant Festival 2022 Calling for Volunteers for vegetable giveaway

Provided by Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group
Incredible Edible Plant Festival 2022 Calling for Volunteers for vegetable giveaway


Ten years ago, the first Incredible Edibles plant festival took place.  And it is happening again on Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28.  Over the course of two days over 2,000 vegetable plants will be given away free to organizations such as social housing, seniors’ residences, youth groups and food banks as well as to the general public.  And we are asking if you would like to volunteer to be part of this.

The aim is to help people discover the value and joy of growing their own food even if they don’t have land as we offer plants in large permanent pots as well as others that can be transplanted into gardens. Community gardeners are currently growing these plants and we need you to help, by transplanting some into larger pots and / or handing them out at various locations in Cornwall.

If you can volunteer, let Penny Bateman know by emailing her at
The dates and roles are:Thursday, May 26
1. Helping sort plants according to orders from organizations (see next item) or according to public distribution site (see May 28)Morning, Friday, May 27 (times to be decided)
1. Continuing to help sort plants
2. Potting up plants at Lamoureux Park in permanent pots ready to give to organizations (such as housing estates, seniors’ residences, community living, Agape, etc)
3. Helping load up those pots in vehicles to go back to our distribution ‘driveway’
helping to cover the Edible Garden around the bandshell and the planters along the bike path with left over soil/compostAfternoon, Friday, May 27 (12 to 7 [anytime you can give]. Helping Food Group members give out plants to organizationsSaturday, May 28, 
1. Picking up plants from distribution ‘driveway’ (10:00 a.m.) to take to distribution site.
2. Help giveaway plants to public (11 to 1) at locations including parks.  Final list of these will be next week.
(note: this year we are going to be a five walk-in locations in different parts of the city. And this year, we are going to hold back or bring fresh batches of plants at 12 so the giveaway can be more evenly spread over the time period. Also if you are an experienced vegetable gardener, let me know so I can make sure there is at least one experienced gardener at each location to answer general questions)
3. Return extra plants to a city location (TBA)

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