Joy and Laughter at the Kinnie Awards

Joy and Laughter at the Kinnie Awards
Jennifer, Martin, and Nick each receive a Kinnie Award at a ceremony held at Tilly's (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

The Kinsmen Community Residence celebrated its inaugural “Kinnie Awards” ceremony on June 5, 2024, at Tilly’s Once Upon a Coffee in downtown Cornwall. This event honoured individuals with developmental challenges for their unique talents and contributions.

“This is our first annual Kinsmen Community Residence ‘Kinnie Awards’ recognizing each of the individuals we support for something specific they do,” said Johanne Couture, Executive Director of KinsmenCommunity Residence. “Each resident of Kinsmen Community Residence has received an award and a prize, and they are getting lunch provided by Tilly’s, and it’s just a good little gathering to recognize their abilities.”

The awards celebrated a range of abilities, from gardening to creative hair-dos, bringing joy and laughter to the attendees. “Our residents were happy, and there were lots of laughs because some of the awards are very ingenuous to whatever abilities they have,” Couture added.

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