Local Artist Raising Funds to Support OSPCA

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Local Artist Raising Funds to Support OSPCA
Lise Oikle holding up one of the portraits in the calendar she made to benefit the OSPCA (Photo : Krystine Therriault/Seaway News)

Local artist and pet lover, Lise Oikle, has painted many pet portraits over the years. This year, she started doing commissioned work for the public and has been quite busy! In the spirit of the holidays, Lise has put together a calendar of her portraits and is selling them to benefit our local OSPCA.

“I decided, let’s make a calendar and give the profits to the OSPCA because that’s my love, you know, is to help the animals,” she said, “I’m so happy the good people of Cornwall want to help too.”

So far, Oikle has sold over 61 calendars and raised more than $600 for the OSPCA.

“It takes me six hours a day for a week to do one 12 x 16 painting,” she explained, “You know, animals are so important to me, and I know they are to many people. It gives me happiness when people come to pick up their painting, some of them are crying, they’re so happy.”

Lise often paints portraits of animals who have passed on, as well as those that are still living. From her stories it’s clear that she finds joy in doing each one and loves sharing her work with grateful pet owners.

For more information or to purchase a calendar, search for ‘Art by Lise Oikle’ on Facebook or call 613-933-8355.


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