Local elementary school students support CTC

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By Shawna O'Neill
Local elementary school students support CTC
Students at Eamer’s Corners Public School enjoyed cup stacking as part of their Change for Change fundraiser. UCDSB photo.

CORNWALL & AVONMORE, Ontario – Students of Roxmore Public School (RPS) and Eamer’s Corners Public School (ECPS) hosted fundraising activities on November 20, National Child Day, to help support children in our region.

During the ‘Change for Change’ fundraising activities, ECPS raised $1,000 while RPS generated $612. All proceeds will benefit the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) in Cornwall and the UCDSB Champions for Kids Foundation (C4K).

“It’s such a great thing for kids because they get to have fun and help organizations that help kids,” said RPS Principal Silvia Speck in a press release. “That whole idea of paying it forward is so important. It builds character, and promotes generosity, and kindness.”

Students who donated change were able to take part in different games organized by teachers within the school. In advance of the fundraiser, classrooms discussions educated students on the meaning behind the event and the true value of giving. Some of the fun included balloon volleyball, French bingo, Minute to Win it games, mini sticks, obstacle courses, cup stacking, board games, Dance Revolution, bey blades, building with Lego and more.

“It also shows students we value them and that they’re so important we have a special day for them,” said Ann O’Shea, an event organizer at ECPS, in a press release. “They also learn spare change can go a long way to helping others.”

ECPS has held their event for the past 13 years and this year marked the inaugural event at RPS. Speck, who was previously a principal at ECPS, hopes this event will turn it into an annual tradition at RPS as well.

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