Local philanthropist donates $120,000 to youth programs at BGC and BBBS

Local philanthropist donates $120,000 to youth programs at BGC and BBBS
Philanthropist Karl Paschek along with the Executive Directors of BGC and BBBS, the Mayor, and youth. (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

A significant donation was made by local philanthropist Karl Paschek to two local youth programs. Paschek, a Cornwall native and business owner, contributed an astounding $120,000 to support the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) Cornwall/SDG and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Cornwall and District.

“Being born and raised in Cornwall, I remember the joy of childhood here, with arcades and local businesses that catered to us kids,” reflected Paschek. “Today, those opportunities are fewer, and I saw a chance to give back by supporting the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Their work with our youth, through programs like summer camps (BGC) and mentorship (BBBS), is vital for our community.”

Karl’s donation will directly fund programs and initiatives at BGC and BBBS, supplying essential resources for youth mentorship and recreational activities. This support arrives at a critical time when many young people urgently require positive influences and guidance.

Pierre-Luc Byham, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District, expressed his gratitude: “This is an incredible donation. It will allow us to expand our mission significantly and serve more children by providing resources for more matches. We are profoundly grateful to Mr. Paschek for his generosity and want him to know it is deeply appreciated.”

Jacquie Richards, Executive Director at BGC Cornwall/SDG, shared similar sentiments. “We were surprised and incredibly thankful for this donation,” said Richards. “It’s rare to receive such generoussupport unsolicited, and it will make a huge impact, allowing us to connect with more kids across multiple programs in Cornwall and SDG, from after-school activities to summer camps. The community’s backing is what keeps us going, and this donation will truly help kids who will greatly appreciate it.”

“It’s my true pleasure to donate these funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Boys & Girls Club of SD&G. The programs and services that these organizations offer to the youth of our community areimmeasurable. I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to be capable of making this donation for the benefit of our local community’s children, and it is my hope that others may be inclined to do the same, for the benefit of our society,” Paschek concluded.

This donation by Karl Paschek is a beacon of hope for a brighter future, enabling even more children in Cornwall and SDG to participate in these vital youth programs.

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