Photography, Parkinsons and Purpose.

Photography, Parkinsons and Purpose.
Mark Day with his book Photography, Parkinson's and Purpose, (Photo : by Paula Labonte)

Mark Day was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2017, and since then with the help of his incredibly encouraging girlfriend, Lori, he’s dedicated his time to finding  purpose in an effort to stay as heathy as possible for as long as possible. One of those ways is being outside, he can be found just about every day either hiking, walking or biking because he knows he must keep moving to keep his body active and while he’s braving the elements- he keeps his mind active by pursuing, developing and improving his outdoor photography skills.

Mark has created a compilation of his best photography work into a coffee table book ‘Photography, Parkinson’s & Purpose’ of Cornwall and area’s most beautiful birds along side our picturesque landscape. The book was challenging to make, first he had to push past his inner critic, then he had to narrow down the images to his favorite and finally have it printed to share with the world in the hopes of bringing awareness to the degenerative disease.

Some days he is shakier than others, some days he can’t move well but you would never know it when looking at him or his photography. The stunning book is available at cost for $50 from Mark himself- with a request that a donation is made to a Parkinson’s research charity. 

What he wants you to know: losing his sense of smell was the first warning sign; although he didn’t know it at the time; and most don’t know that 10 years prior to a Parkinson’s diagnosis many lose their sense of smell. Years later he grew frustrated with his loss of dexterity while playing guitar a skill that was once effortless, followed by strange sensations in his legs. Knowing these potential warning signs and advocating for your health could help you find a proper treatment program that may slow progression.

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