Police warn of accidental 9-11 calls

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By Nick Seebruch
Police warn of accidental 9-11 calls

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) are celebrating Police Week, which has been declared across Ontario.

As a part of Police Week, CPS is providing the public tips on things they might not know about law enforcement, including the amount of time and resources that are tied up in accidental 9-11 calls.

Since January 2020, the CPS have received over 700 accidental 9-11 calls.

CPS explained that the biggest culprits or causes of accidental 9-11 calls are pocket dials, or children with their parents phones.

“With every unintentional call received, valuable seconds may be taken away from someone who really needs help. Furthermore, police must follow up with each 911 call by making contact with the caller,” reads a statement from CPS. “If you place an accidental 911 call, stay on the line to tell the operator that it was an accident. Emergency responders will act if the call is disconnected or there is no response. It is important to also talk to children about what to do if they accidentally call 911, and to explain the importance of staying on the line to tell the operator it was an accident.”

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