Province contributes $1.6M to Brookdale Ave. reconstruction project

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By Nick Seebruch
Province contributes $1.6M to Brookdale Ave. reconstruction project
Overpass bridge under construction at Brookdale Ave. during the summer. (Nick Seebruch/Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Ontario Government has awarded $1,612,557 towards the widening and resurfacing of Brookdale Ave. in Cornwall as a part of their Connecting Links program.

“The proposed project consists of the reconstruction and widening of Brookdale Avenue North (Highway 138), from the north limits of the CNR Overpass to the south limits of Highway 401,” said MPP Jim McDonell.

McDonell made the announcement in a release to the media on Wednesday, May 6.

McDonell provided the following details as they relate to the project:

·    the rehabilitation of the road sub-base using a full-depth reclamation with expanded asphalt stabilization;

·    the widening of the asphalt platform to accommodate 1.5-metre wide, paved shoulders on both sides of the roadway for cycling lanes;

·    the placement of 3 lifts of asphalt on the roadway in order to meet arterial roadway standards;

·    the reconstruction/rehabilitation/widening of the existing shoulders to accommodate 1.5-metre wide paved shoulders and the future expansion of the corridor to four (4) lanes of traffic;

·    and the reconstruction/regrading of the roadside ditches to improve road sub-base drainage.

This project is planned to be completed prior to the end of the 2021 calendar year with detailed design being conducted in 2020 and construction in 2021.

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