SDG Butterflyway Project seeking information on local pollinator gardens

Provided by SDG Butterflyway Project
SDG Butterflyway Project seeking  information on local pollinator gardens
Photo Credit Laura Ferguson

Already in it’s second year, the SDG Butterflyway Project is looking for information on local pollinator gardens in Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne.

The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement through the David Suzuki Foundation that’s bringing nature home to neighbourhoods throughout Canada,  one pollinator-friendly planting at a time.

“We’re proud that the Cornwall, SDG & Akwesasne communities are making a mark on the David Suzuki Butterflyway map,” says Butterflyway Ranger Katherine Wells.

“We hope to add a mix of local residential and community pollinator gardens to the map this year”.

The Butterflyway Project shows that a small group of residents can make a big difference.  Rangers make their communities greener and  healthier. They create opportunities, connect people and champion fun ideas.

“Anyone can be part of the project,” adds Butterflyway Mentor Christina Enright.

“Whether it’s a large, dedicated pollinator garden or potted plants on a balcony, it all makes a difference”.

This summer is local teacher Laura Ferguson’s first time participating in the project, and she has already observed bees and butterflies in her garden.

“I really enjoy gardening and I learned a lot from joining the local Butterflyway Facebook group,” says Mrs. Ferguson. “It’s rewarding seeing so many bees and butterflies in my garden and knowing I’m helping in a small way.”

If you are interested in adding your garden to the national Butterflyway map, or becoming a regional ranger for 2023, please join the SDG Butterflyway Project group on Facebook or email

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