SDG Counties Regular Council Meeting Highlights for June 17, 2024

SDG Counties Regular Council Meeting Highlights for June 17, 2024
South Glengarry Deputy Mayor Martin Lang at an SDG Council Meeting. (Photo : Jason Setnyk photo)

On June 17, 2024, the Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) held their monthly meeting. This included a delegation and presentation by Jamie Pollock, a Chartered Professional Accountant at MNP, who gave the Council a clean audit opinion. SDG Council reviewed the draft financial report detailing the financial performance for the year ending December 31, 2023, and voted to receive the report.

SDG Council also heard the Long-term Community Housing Development Plan (which emphasized the need for increased affordable housing over the next ten years) and the Annual Housing Report presented by Mellissa Morgan, GM of Human Services & Long-term Care, and by Lisa Smith, Manager, Housing Services, City of Cornwall. Here are some other key highlights from the meeting:

County Road 22 Hydro Utility Relocations

SDG Council approved the relocation of Hydro utilities for the County Road 22 reconstruction project, with an estimated cost of $1,121,776.55 plus HST. This work is essential due to the narrow right-of-way and aged infrastructure. Approval allows the final design and subsequentrelocation, which is crucial for the project. The total estimated cost is $2.542M, with the Counties responsible for 44%.

Growth Study and Housekeeping Official Plan Amendments

SDG Council agreed to initiate Official Plan Amendments (OPA) to support Growth Management and complete a housekeeping update. This action aligns with recent provincial housing legislation and the anticipated Provincial Planning Statement. The proposed timeline includes endorsement and public meetings from June to August 2024. The amendments will facilitate development by updating policies and maps, benefiting local municipalities.

Communications and Marketing Coordinator Full-Time Position

SDG Council transitioned the contract Communications and Marketing Coordinator position for the SDG Library to a full-time role. This position, crucial for executing marketing strategies and community engagement, has demonstrated significant achievements and is budgeted for 2024. Also, the Library Board unanimously supports this transition.

Supply and Delivery of Bulk Coarse Rock Salt

A tender was awarded by SDG Council for the multi-year supply and delivery of bulk coarse rock salt to Cargill Salt for $4,650,073.00 with material costing $93.38 per tonne plus delivery charges. This purchase, critical for winter maintenance, secures pricing stability for future budgets and benefits local municipalities through competitive pricing. The total cost is slightly over budget but essential for maintaining road safety.

Liquid Chloride Salt Additive Tender

SDG Council awarded the tender to Da-Lee Services Inc. to supply Calcium Chloride Salt Pre-wetting Agent, totaling $192,780 for year one and $202,000 for year two. This additive reduces salt usage and enhances efficiency for winter maintenance. Despite receiving only one bid, staff are satisfied with the product and supplier. The cost aligns with the 2024 budgetof $250,000.

Replacement of Wert MD Culvert

SDG Council accepted the tender for replacing the Wert Municipal Drain culvert to Clarence McDonald Excavation Ltd. at $155,012.50 plus HST. This project involves a full road closure for 3-5 days to replace the deteriorating culvert. The total budget for the replacement is $300,000, which is sufficient to cover the cost.

Records Retention By-law

SDG Council approved By-law No. 5449, establishing retention periods for records. This follows the implementation of an electronic records management system using SharePoint and The Ontario Municipal Records Management System (TOMRMS) for classification and retention.

Procedure By-law Amendment – Election of Warden Timeline

SDG Council approved By-law No. 5450, amending the Procedure By-law to change the election of the Warden timeline. The election will now take place in August instead of October, allowing a longer overlap between the current and incoming Warden. Council members must formally express interest in serving as Warden at the July Council meeting.

OPA #23 – Major Open Space

SDG Council approved By-law No. 5451, adopting Official Plan Amendment No. 23. This amendment permits the Major Open Space land use designation in Rural Areas to preserve lands for natural and recreational purposes, reducing development potential. Local municipalities and conservation authorities support this amendment, with no public opposition received.

2024 Insurance Renewal

SDG Council approved By-law No. 5452, accepting the Municipal Insurance Program from Marsh and the Cyber Insurance renewal from CFC for July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025, at a total premium of $236,566 plus taxes. This represents a 6% increase from the previous year, primarily due to municipal liability. The current insurance policy expires on June 30, 2024, andthe renewal cost fits within the 2024 budget.

Removal of 0.3 Meter Reserve for Entrance

SDG Council approved By-law 5453, removing a 0.3m reserve on County Road 21 to allow the creation of a new entrance for Linick Investments. The reserve prevents access to the property, and the removal request follows an agreement with the adjacent property owner to relocate the shared entrance. The applicant will cover all associated costs. This change supports better access for the new property owner.

Maxville Manor – Updated Funding Agreement

SDG Council approved By-law No. 5454, authorizing an updated funding agreement with Maxville Manor. The Manor has requested an additional $1.5 million for their redevelopment project, bringing the total contribution to $4.0 million due to increased construction costs. The project aims to upgrade existing beds and add new ones, totaling 160 beds. The funding will be drawn from the Working Reserve.

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