SDG Highlanders Honoured to Participate in Queen’s London Funeral

Provided by the SDG Highlanders
SDG Highlanders Honoured to Participate in Queen’s London Funeral

The regiment was honoured to have been extended an invitation from Buckingham Palace to send a delegation to participate in Her Majesty’s funeral service in London this past week. This small group was a component of the Canadian Armed Forces contingent, which was composed of only 80 representatives from select units across Canada, and who were honoured to have Her Majesty as their Colonel-In-Chief.

The Glengarrians that proudly attended the UK services were the following members:

Lieutenant-Colonel Ryan S. Hartman (Commanding Officer) Warrant Officer Martin Sabourin; Sergeant Zachary Dwyer; Master-Corporal Andrew Fakotakis; and Corporal Kevin MacFarlane

The “Glens” delegation took part in the funeral procession by escorting Her Majesty’s casket across London from Westminster to Wellington Arch, with LCol Hartman representing the regiment by marching amongst the senior Commonwealth Colonel’s Commandant as well as attending the state funeral service within Westminster Abbey itself.

While an exceptionally humbling and surreal event for all participants, it was a huge honour to have represented Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and our regiment, while paying our final respects to our Queen and Colonel-In-Chief.

Her Majesty epitomises what it means to put service to others before self, and exemplifies true strength of character and commitment. She will forever be missed by her regiment, the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders. As our motto states in Scots Gaelic, “Dileas Gu Bas – faithful unto Death.

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