Seaway News accepts award

Provided by Canadian Mental Health Association
Seaway News accepts award
SN Publisher Rick Shaver accepted our award from the Canadian Mental Health Assocaition.

This year’s ANNUAL MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE AWARD was presented to Seaway News and others as a group of local media groups in recognition of the commitment and significant contributions made to the mental health movement in the community.

Seaway News Publisher Rick Shaver accepted for SN and his staff. “It’s great to receive such an unexpected award,” says Shaver. We offer space to Angele to let hershare information that helps inform and educate people about mental health/issues, so for her and CHMA to recognize us is truly unexpected”. We will continue to support and bring her message to over 34,000 homes in Cornwall and SDG weekly.

Angele D’Alessio: Congratulations to Seaway News and each of our Media Partners. The award recognizes the important role media plays in shaping the perception and attitudes of people regarding mental health/illness.

Over the past 2 years CMHA relied on this very powerful platform to help sensitize/educate and support people’s mental health as we navigated the challenges of the pandemic.

On behalf of CMHA Champlain East we thank you for the ongoing coverage of mental health awareness/education. You- our media partners have prioritized mental health throughout the pandemic by providing (space) to publish “Mental Health Matters” articles, provide opportunities to promote events and awareness campaigns; share events on your Facebook channels and provide reporter’s/ producers to attend in -person events for local coverage.

These partnerships in both SDG/PR have allowed us to reach a broader audience and redirect people to our agency for information and services. Thousands of people have been reached each month both in print and online thanks to your support. The impact this may have had on our community cannot be measured.

A special focus on Farmer’s Mental Health in 2021 was a new initiative for the CMHA branch and we are grateful for the support from Agricom, Agrinews and Farmers Forum as this is a niche audience that we as a branch were hoping to reach. In addition, we have published articles in the Indian Time (Akwesasne) broadening our relationship with our indigenous community. We have currently 12 active media outlets publishing mental health articles and news. I would like to acknowledge each of your contributions to our community in a time of great need.

Everyone please join me in recognition of this year’s Annual Mental Health Service Award recipients. Submitted by Angele d’Alessio.



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