SLC welcomes new students, new opportunities

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By Shawna O'Neill
SLC welcomes new students, new opportunities
SLC paramedic students catching up at Orientation on Sept. 3, excited to start a new semester (Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The beginning of a new semester and school year saw several excited students at St. Lawrence College Cornwall Campus’ orientation during the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 3.

This year, SLC  Cornwall has new professors and programs, bursaries for 140 students amounting to $172,000 and expanded services, such as mental health support. The college also has a new partnership with Saint Paul University in Ottawa, allowing graduates from seven programs to receive a Bachelors Degree two years sooner. More information on these additions can be found in the story below.

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“SLC staff and faculty are really excited to meet you,” said Kathy O’Brien, SLC Senior Vice President during a presentation. “Our team is really incredible and we are here to support and inspire you as you work towards achieving your goals…I want to encourage you to get informed about everything SLC has to offer, from student clubs and activities to…student government events, your time at SLC can be about creating friendships as much as it is about learning and growing.”

Marg Hogan, Manager of Student Services congratulated students on deciding to attend post-secondary education and encouraged students to inquire about financial support, the student food bank and mental health services on campus.

“It’s a small student body which is really good. I’ve been to university before and when you have a lecture hall of 300 students you can feel a bit like a number…it’s a lot nicer, you can talk to your instructors…on a personal level,” said paramedic student Nathan Mader, who also noted that tuition is more affordable in comparison to other institutions.

“I find it more of a family here as well with your classmates. Everyone is willing to help each other,” added Andrew Edson, paramedic student.

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